of Hope.

We witness to others through fellowship and worship

Mission Statement: In the Carpenter's Footsteps

Provides services for churches and communities who need construction projects built or repaired. Opportunities are offered for people of all ages to share their faith, offer their services, perform manual labor and create friendships of many people in a global setting.

Financial Support
Volunteers are asked to raise their own monies for each mission trip with the help of family, friends, and personal income. Projects are funded by cash gifts from individuals, churches, businesses, and other organizations. All cash gifts go toward the designated project and are 100% tax deductible.

How You Can Help

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  In The Carpenter's Footsteps, Inc.
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I would like to make a tax-deductible contribution for materials needed for the building projects: (concrete, tile, wood, paint, tools, stucco, sand, concrete block, electrical supplies, kitchen equipment, fans).
I would like to contribute to a scholarship for a missionary.

Please give compassionately.

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