of Hope.

We witness to others through fellowship and worship

Mission Statement: In the Carpenter's Footsteps

Provides services for churches and communities who need construction projects built or repaired. Opportunities are offered for people of all ages to share their faith, offer their services, perform manual labor and create friendships of many people in a global setting.

Projects We Support
Volunteers have participated in various construction and repair projects in the following countries:

Through the years, these volunteers worked side by side with church members in villages where the projects were done, sharing fellowship, worship and communicating the reality of God's love for all people.

Haiti  Built a church, school, manse, sewing center, repaired a church and installed a well and water system for a small community.
Jamaica  Built five churches, sewing center, fellowship hall, built pews, repaired the health clinic, installed a bathroom in an older church, refinished the church pews and pulpit furniture.
St. Vincent  Performed construction and restoration work on a church and youth center.
Nevis  Built a daycare center and playground for the church; made repairs to the church.
Costa Rica  Built five churches and Sunday school buildings. Repaired earthquake damage to the church.
slideshows We also have some slideshows of the places we have visited and the people we have touched.
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Jamaica  2004

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