of Hope.

We witness to others through fellowship and worship

Mission Statement: In the Carpenter's Footsteps

Provides services for churches and communities who need construction projects built or repaired. Opportunities are offered for people of all ages to share their faith, offer their services, perform manual labor and create friendships of many people in a global setting.

Contact List
Please feel free to contact members of In The Carpenter's Footsteps. We are also supported through the Christ Presbyterian Church, Tallahassee FL. We may be contacted through the Church Office (listed below).

Name Title Phone
Buddy Searcy President 850.893.2006
Patty Searcy Vice President 850.893.2006

There are many organizations involved with mission work. Please see just a few of the ones that we support directly and through our home church, Christ Presbyterian Church.

  •  ROW - Rivers of the World
    • Rivers of The World (ROW) is a not-for-profit Christian ministry that targets remote river basins. Our goal is to serve with people who live in these river basins and those we serve determine our projects. We ask them what makes up their greatest challenges and covenant with them to meet and overcome those challenges together.
  •  ACB - Children of Bethlehem
    • The Sao Paulo Presbyterian Church - a medium-sized congregation of the one million-member Presbyterian Church of Brazil (IPB) - has created a place where HIV-infected children may safely stay. At Children of Bethlehem, the $1,000-per-child monthly cost for medicine is covered for the first three months, (then the city underwrites those costs). Dentists work on the children's' teeth, and psychologists help them talk about their feelings. They have plenty of food - five meals a day to be exact - something that is not guaranteed at home. Social workers pay regular visits. Volunteer gardeners grow the vegetables used to fill baskets that are delivered monthly to families with children in the program.

In The Carpenters Footsteps, Inc.
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